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Name:standing on a sea cliff, howling at the moon...

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accepting myself and others, admitting when i'm wrong, analysis, avoiding the hobgoblin-of-little-minds, being barefoot in grass, being lost in nature, board games, books, calm after the storm, challenging ideals and beliefs, colors, compassion, contemplation, contentment, cooperation, creating my own path, creative expression, crisp fresh air, daydreaming of hibernation, deconstructing reality, defeating negative thinking, delicacy, dialogue discussion & communication, dismissing "ideal beauty", doing feeling living experiencing, dreams and their dreamers, egalitarianism humanitarianism equality, empathy, enjoying cool breezes, enlightenment, escaping monotony, exploration, expression, fall, feeling free, feeling my way around, fields forests woods meadows, finding beauty everywhere, finding freedom in solitude, finding my way, following my drummer's beat, freedom, fresh air, getting away from chaos, getting lost in thought, getting to know others, going with the flow, growing evolving progressing, happiness, hearing others' thoughts, hideaways tents and forts, holding hands, honesty, humanism, imagination and creativity, imperfect perfection, innocence, intellectual foreplay, intellectual/emotional/meaningful discussions, introspection, kindness, knowing oneself and others, lakes rivers oceans seas, language, late-night fog, laughing, laughter, learning from mistakes, learning to relax, light and dark combined, listening hearing seeing observing, listening to the wind, logic, long and loose sweaters, long baths, love, lovers of life, lying in fields, making myself, meeting genuine people, mental and emotional stimulation, mentally erasing my surroundings, moments of sheer happiness, monogamous exploration in sensuality, never losing my inner-child, nudity in nature, odd combinations and mixes, open-mindedness, optimism, outdoors as an escape, parallels, parks surrounded by trees, passion, peace, peaceful rainy days, people who make themselves, philosophical fiction, poetic and insightful descriptions, questioning everything, quiet, rationale, reading by the river, reading outdoors, reading plays, reading with/to others, recognizing art in nature, revolution, romantic idealism, safety and comfort, sand glistening in sunlight, searching for solid ground, seeing all sides, seeing in high definition, seeing the big picture, seekers of lovely things, sending and receiving letters, sharing beliefs feelings ideas, shivering and feeling alive, simple but comfortable wardrobes, simplicity, social justice, speaking in hard words, stepping outside of confines, strong personalities, sunlight clouds rain rainbows, symbolism of the anchor, tanks flares bare feet, the sharing of knowledge, thinking and daydreaming, thought-provocation, thriving intensity, trying to think positively, turning off my phone, understanding, untouched land, vulnerability, walking outside to breathe, warmth, watching carefree children play, watching people at parks, witnessing passion, wonder, wooded paths and escapes
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